Jared Brockington
Jared B nameplate
Ministry Assignment

Care for the whole person, including physical and spiritual needs, of my patients in the pediatric inpatient and outpatient department of the hospital.

I am able to pray with my patients and talk to them about spiritual matters while in the outpatient and inpatient departments. We work very closely with chaplains and a Christian counselor to serve the emotional and spiritual needs of our patients. I spend every other week in the hospital and the weeks that I am not in the hospital, I am serving a few days a week in the outpatient department.

Teach, train, and mentor young physicians to serve the whole person.

I am able to help train and mentor several young Kenyan medical and clinical officer interns. We receive about 10-12 medical officer interns from various schools in Kenya to train.  Some of them are Christians and some are not.  This has been an excellent opportunity to show them how we can display the love and compassion of Christ to our patients.  I am also blessed to be able to work with the Kabarak Family Medicine Residents.  We received 3 residents this month which is up from 2 last year.  They have been a wonderful group of young Christian physicians and have been a huge encouragement to me while I have been here in Chogoria. We pray that this program continues to flourish, and we continue to receive Family Medicine Residents from the Kabarak University program. As we work with them, I pray that we can show them how to care for the whole person so when they are finished with their training, they will be able to go into underserved areas and meet the physical and spiritual needs of those communities.

Continue to improve pediatric care in the hospital and in the community. As the pediatric department grows, I pray we will have more opportunity to care for the physical and spiritual needs of the community.  This year I plan to focus a lot of time and energy into neonatal care and training at the hospital.



Regarding MedSend

Without the MedSend grant, it would be difficult to continue to serve in Kenya.  Fundraising takes a lot of energy, effort, and time and it would take a lot of time in order to fundraise for our student loans.   Instead of fundraising more, our MedSend grant has allowed us to spend more time in Kenya devoted to serving as God has called us to Chogoria, Kenya.  We are very grateful and thankful to have MedSend as a partner for our ministry.