Jennifer Brockington
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Ministry Assignment

I work as a family physician at Chogoria Hospital. It is a 300-bed mission hospital in a small town-large trading center four hours northeast of Nairobi at the base of Mt. Kenya. The patient population is primarily lower middle class that depends on the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) to afford medical care. My clinical responsibilities include direct patient care, supervision of mid-level providers, supervision and mentoring of family medicine residents, medical officer interns and clinical officer, interns.
Each scenario presents a different opportunity for sharing directly about Christ and His impact on my life. My time with learners is particularly beneficial for showing them what it means to be a Christian physician and how to model Christ-centered compassion, patience, and love for my patients.



Regarding MedSend

MedSend has removed a huge burden of stress from our plate.  Neither my husband nor I come from wealthy families and we had to take out student loans in order to attend medical school.  We have had a heart for missions since undergraduate university and feared the ability to enter the mission field after residency. MedSend works as "God hands keeping the window open" to christians who want to serve overseas as healthcare professionals.  There are so many burdens that weigh on you as internationally, but removing the financial responsibility of paying our student loans as well as the administrative responsibilities that go with that is AMAZING!