Jessica Winston
Jessica W nameplate
Call to missions

I first felt the Lord calling me to work overseas as a teenager. When I was at a church camp we were asked to pray about what big decision God was calling us to make. Several of my friends felt the Lord calling them into ministry but I have always felt the Lord telling me to "go" and do His work. Matthew 28 is my biblical inspiration as Jesus tells us ALL to go and make disciples. The imperative in that sentence is to make disciples and I feel this is where we fail at the Great Commission and where people often try to glorify missions, thinking that is only what the verse is about. However, I feel He has called us all to go and make disciples, whether that is in your backyard or in a village in Kenya. I also feel Nehemiah has always been inspirational to me as he saw there was work to be done and was not afraid to seek the Lord and do the work necessary for the glory of God's kingdom.

Healthcare and Evangelism

I plan to integrate my healthcare profession and evangelism in a variety of ways. The incredible opportunity we have as medical providers is that people will continuously come to us in order to meet a need. They come to us with a weakness in hopes that we have a cure. What is incredible is that even if we cannot meet their physical need we can always meet their Spiritual need in Christ. When we have the blessing of meeting their physical need we can immediately turn around and tell them there is a need we as humans will never be able to meet or fulfill and that is a hole that can only be filled with the love of Jesus Christ. I believe praying with patients is very important for their emotional well being and healing and this directly allows us to intercede on their behalf. It allows us to ask God directly in their presence to make himself known to this person in their present circumstance.

Anticipated Impact

I hope that can provide quality care to individuals who are sick and dying. I want to be a calming presence in the midst of their hardest circumstances and offer them a better understanding of the greatest relationship that exists and offers wholeness in all areas of their lives. I want to provide holistic care to people where their physical and spiritual needs are met and show them what that need is.