Jesus Paid It All



As MedSend’s Grant Applicant and Recipient Liaison, I attend the MedSend board meetings, and by the time I leave, I often feel like I have been on a spiritual retreat. Last October’s board meeting was no different.

At the meeting, this question was posed by one of the board members during his morning devotional: “Who are you Jesus that the slaughter of the innocents was worth it?” That question hit me like a ton of bricks and is still resonating in my mind.

At the time of Jesus’ birth, He was so anticipated among His people that the King ordered the death of innocent little ones in an attempt to eradicate Jesus. He was only a baby, yet His reputation was great and His name was feared!

Who are you Jesus that the slaughter of the innocents was worth it?

That question would look different today. Many people might question why MedSend grant recipients leave their families and friends to serve people in developing countries, people whom they have never even met. Why take on thousands of dollars in educational loans to become a healthcare professional just to get into a closed countries and risk your life? Why not just stay home, get a high-paying job and live the American dream?


For MedSend grant recipients, the answer to these questions is that Jesus is worth it, and so are the people He loves. They want people everywhere to know Jesus’ love and to know that He truly is worth it! Let us continue to pray that more missionaries rise up to go to the ends of the earth to let the unreached know that Jesus paid it all and Jesus is worth it all!

Who are you Jesus that the slaughter of the innocents was worth it?  This question inspires me to know Jesus on a deeper level. I want to know more about this man who is still having an incredible impact on the world more than 2000 years after His birth! I hope it also inspires you to look deeper into who Jesus is.– Jessica Schneider

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