Jodi Pettygrove
Jodi P nameplate
Call to missions

Whenever I heard a missionary speak I would always think " I am here Lord, send me" as in Isaiah 6:8.I thought all Christians said yes Lord. I got married while in college and after college we started paying off debt and having children. We would occasionally look into a mission opportunities but the door would close. We worked and volunteered with our church, serving in children and youth ministry and being involved n Bible studies and prayer groups. I worked at a Catholic hospital and would pray for patients at appropriate times. We went on a few short term mission trips but knew we wanted to serve in a greater capacity. I knew I could always serve in the medical profession but I wanted a place for my husband. Finally in 2010 we discovered all the support roles required by Wycliffe to complete Bible translation.

Healthcare and Evangelism

When providing health care, I look for opportunities to share Christ. This can be through encouraging words, listening, saying a prayer with or for them or asking if they attend church or about their relationship with Christ. This becomes more complicated in different cultures. In Papua New Guinea, the nationals know who Wycliffe is. We work along side many Papua New Guineas. Some are not saved, while others are devote Christians. It is part of our mission to train Papua New Guineans. So discipleship is part of our everyday life as they see how we respond to situations in a Christ like way and do Bible studies together. We encourage our Papua New Guinean health care workers to grow in Christ so that when they leave the clinic they can be a light.

Anticipated Impact

I hope to be right where God needs me.
I anticipate relieving the nurses that are there by picking up on call hours and appointment hours as needed and transition into the role of an advanced practice nurse. I will fill what ever jobs open up including running the immunization clinic for the missionary children.
I anticipate working on my language so I may work more efficiently as an appointment nurse on the Papua New Guinea side of the clinic.
I am hoping to help one doctor as he screens Papua New Guineans for cervical cancer.