Jonathan Steen
Specialty: Family Medicine
Location: Kenya
Call to Missions

I was in Junior High when God truly drew me into His presence and lit my heart on fire during a revival at our church in Mexico that was ignited by some visiting missionaries who also prayed for me to receive that spiritual blessing. I can unequivocally point to that event at the turning point in my life when my faith became real and my relationship with God became personal. It was soon after that personal encounter with God that He laid upon my heart the calling to mission work as well. The Lord did not yet specify how I would serve Him until a couple mission trips in the summers after my Junior and Senior years in High School, when He made it clear that I would be working in medical missions.

Healthcare Mission Work

I believe my mission work will mostly be based on training of nationals. As a mission hospital, Tenwek plays a large role in teaching and training the next generation of medical providers. I will primarily be serving as part of the family medicine residency program to train resident doctors. I will also serve as a consultant for the clinical officers working in the outpatient clinics. My wife and I are passionate about the training of nationals model as a way to multiply our ministry efforts. I believe that national doctors will ultimately have the most effective ministry capacity being in their native (or close to it) culture and language when caring for their patients. Furthermore, I will be assisting with call coverage on the wards.

Anticipated Impact
  1. Train excellent national family medicine physicians who will bring their faith and Christian witness with them as they care for their patients in the future. I have heard encouraging reports of positive changes at other hospitals where Tenwek graduates have gone to serve and look forward to furthering that influence.
  2. Similarly, providing Christ-centered medical care of the patients I encounter in the clinics and on the wards.
  3. Christ-honoring living by becoming an active member of the hospital community, the local Church body, and the local community surrounding the hospital.