Joshua R.*
Specialty: General Practice
Location: South Asia
*Name withheld for security reasons
Call to Missions

My motivation towards missions is powerful and God-directed. God has strengthened this motivation many times over. I am learning more and more about God's purpose for the world and His plan for all the nations. I believe that He will have a church among all people groups and in the end, a representation of all people groups will be worshipping at His throne and bringing His due glory. I believe that God has chosen to accomplish His plan through His people and that I have the opportunity to be a part of this plan. I believe the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations wherever He has placed us and that it also means going to all the nations. God has called us to full-time missions that will extend indefinitely. We have been given a love for the people in Asia and for using healthcare to minister to them.

We can think of no other thing we would want to do with our lives and will continue to pursue this until God redirects our steps. Our time in Asia has re-affirmed this and we hope to stay a long as possible.

Healthcare Missions

We will be working at (secure) Mission Hospital. I will be working mostly on the medical ward with direct care of patients and teaching of junior doctors. Sarah will be working with the Rehab Team as a Speech Therapist which provides direct care as well as teaching her discipline to current team members
and nursing staff.

Our desire to help with the expansion of rehab services under the hospital's guidance also puts us out into the community with home visit follow ups. I also assist with the care of the (secure) Psychiatric Rehab Center which is in the community.