JR: MedSend Brings Hope to Children and Families in Difficult Places

Students at Hope Africa

JR is a healthcare worker serving in a country where it is not safe to publicly profess to be a Christian. Hear her share how the trajectory of one child’s life was forever changed because JR, a Christian medical professional, was able to treat her.

Transcript available below the video.

“MedSend is helping me be in a restricted country by providing support through mentoring and coaching, having an annual retreat where I can fellowship and learn from other healthcare workers in the region that I will be in.

Through that work we want to give hope to the children and the families that I’ll be working with. That’s a big piece of why I’ll be there.

I had a neighbor that had a child that they believed possibly had evil spirits. I recognized that it appeared that the child was having seizures and the mom agreed to have the child go to the doctor.

Well because of these seizures, the child was not able to go to school and didn’t have any friends. They made fun of her.

We were able to take the child to the doctor and the child was diagnosed with seizures and we were able to get the child medicine for the seizures, which controlled them.

Now the child is in school and the child has friends and so it was just beautiful to be able to be a part of helping and to be able to see the child playing and being able to go to school.

To do what God has called us to do, to go to difficult places… without the grant I wouldn’t be able to go back to the field and do what God has called me to do.

It’s such a valuable part of this journey to have the grant and the people who’ve given.”

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