Kathryn Moyer
Specialty: BSN/RN/MCM
Location: East Africa
Tell us about your ministry assignment

I work with the Kenya FGCHE which is a wholistic community ministry program serving throughout Kenya. My role is as the nurse medical expert/consultant/educator. Working alongside Kenyan staff mentoring and teaching them and also developing and writing wholistic health lessons in cultural context for the communities we serve. With the FGCHE team, I am working in different communities and churches helping to teach the health lessons and spiritual lessons/workshops. This includes traveling all over Kenya, helping with medical camps, teaching and working with local pastors, community trainers and community groups and sharing/teaching/training health lessons, spiritual/Bible lessons and the Gospel so they can then go out and replicate and teach in their churches and communities.

How many patients do you see in a week?

I work with alongside our Kenyan staff and with the community groups they work with. So, it depends on where I am asked to travel and teach week to week, and how many days we are in communities that week. Some weeks its 5-6 days, others its 1-2 days, but on average 25-200 people all depending on the groups and program etc.

Regarding MedSend...

It allows me to be able to go and serve and not worry about my loan and not have to raise extra money for my support schedule.