Kelly Crowdis
Assignment: Haiti
Tell us about your ministry assignment

My primary assignments currently are:
Public Health with the Ministry of Agriculture and CDC Atlanta to eliminate human rabies death from canine rabies. I am a contractor for the CDC and administer the rabies surveillance program in Haiti. I also help coordinate annual mass vaccination campaigns in Haiti. Working in the government sector allows me to be a light in a place where many are not Christians. By being a servant leader I am able to show a kind of leadership that is usually not applicable in the government sector. Also we do a lot of rabies education in schools, it give me a chance to explain how God created animals and we have a responsibility to care for them in an appropriate manner.

Give A Kid To A Kid Goat Project - This is a 4-H type project that is in 15 different communities if 7 of the 10 departments of Haiti. Trainers that we have mentored in servant leadership are responsible for teaching children goat husbandry and providing a bible lesson monthly. After 6 months 453 children in the project receive a goat. At the end of the year there is a goat show and prizes. A bible for all who complete the program. An overall Champion for the most helpful, most biblical knowledge and best goat tender, they receive an additional goat.

AgHorizon Veterinary Clinic and Training Center - We have started a school to train people in the field of veterinary medicine. Currently we have concurrent classes (20 in each class) which lasts 12 weeks in basic veterinary care. The students live at our facility one week a month and learn field veterinary services to provide care and educate their communities on animal health, husbandry and zoonosis. We have weekly bible study and fellowship dinners.

I also help facilitate the work of two organizations based in the US - Laman Outreach, caring for the elderly, hypertension clinic, midwife training and community health education. Made To Love, primary school education of 412 students and a school/community garden. We also run a sewing school and have a family planning clinic run by nationals that I help facilitate.

How many patients do you see in a week?

In a week, 5-10; if it is a clinic week, 100-700.

Regarding MedSend...

Without MedSend I wouldn't be able to serve in Haiti.