Kristopher Ahn
Specialty: Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Location: Philadelphia, USA
Call to Missions

During my college years, I had always had a desire to enter a career where I would be helping the less fortunate. Inspired by my oldest sister, who taught me about how the racial and financial inequalities in the American society have led to major disparities, I concentrated my major, Biology & Society, to better understand how these inequalities drive poorer health outcomes. I was not always so certain that I would enter medicine as a path to bridge these gaps; I had considered social work or ministry as other means to help impoverished communities as well in a way that showed the light of Christ. I was close to closing the door on a career in medicine, as there seemed to be better and more direct ways to share God's word to communities while also offering supportive services. In praying and reflecting on God's path for me, I meditated on Matthew 25:35-40, and felt humbled in Christ's calling to His people; that it is valuable in Christ's eye not just to provide for hunger and thirst but also for the naked and sick. As I prayed, I was humbled in considering that though medicine is often considered one of the most noble professions, it is also a vital and unique opportunity to provide care for the sick in a way that not many are able to.

Healthcare Mission Work

I will be serving as a primary care provider for children and adults in the community of North Kensinggton in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This community comprises mainly a Puerto Rican immigrant community that also is impoverished, plagued with drug addiction, and with lack of access to medical resources. At some point in the next 2 years I plan to also spend time with the hospitalist group at Esperanza Health Center taking care of patients in the inpatient setting admitted to Temple University Hospital. I also plan to become certified in taking care of patients with substance abuse disorder and in managing patients with chronic hepatitis C.

Anticipated Impact
  1. Witness and evangelize to patients and the community of North Kensington
  2. Provide excellent medical care including preventative services to patients in North Kensington