Learning to Thrive on the Mission Field

Melissa Molsee togo

Recently we spoke with Dr. Melissa Molsee, a grant recipient serving at Hospital of Hope in Togo, who shared a message of thanks she wants to pass on to her MedSend family.  

It’s not unusual for medical missionaries to occasionally receive spiritual support from pastors and other spiritual authorities, but it is uncommon to receive support from others who have served on the mission field and are trained in mental health. At our MedRefresh retreats, a feature of The Longevity Project, grant recipients receive this kind of specialized care.  

Dr. Molsee had this to say about why this was so important to her:  

“Being on the mission field and in the medical field brings different stresses. During malaria season I can lose one or two children a shift; and we’ve lost as many as four to six children a shift before–in a 12- or 14-hour shift. Plus, all the brokenness and the suffering around us; It can be really, really tough to keep going. And your heart breaks; and you don’t ever want it to NOT break. But you need tools to be able to self-repair. And I really appreciated the MedSend [retreat] and the ability to speak freely of the stresses that we face, the ability to learn tools for how to cope, all in a setting with other believers who are going through the same thing. We’re so thankful for those of you who allowed us to participate in that conference.”  

We join Dr. Molsee in thanking you for engaging with MedSend as we all support these dedicated men and women while they are the hands and feet of Jesus in desperate and difficult places of the world. 




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