Faith Lelei, MD

Faith Lelei is a Family physician passionate about compassionate and excellent healthcare provision. After completion of her internship in AIC Kijabe Hospital in 2013, she served in a rural 34-bed capacity, faith-based facility as the only doctor for 3 years. After this she embarked on her residency in family medicine from Kabarak University and based in AIC Kijabe Hospital, a 350-bed teaching and tertiary faith-based hospital. Upon completion of residency in 2019, she took up a job setting up the quality and safety department in the hospital- a task that had her oversee the infection control & outbreaks (including leading the hospital’s response to Covid), accreditation & quality improvement projects, clinical ethics and the medical advisory committee. From April 2022, she has been serving as the Director, Clinical services- working with others to co-ordinate entire clinical services provision in Kijabe. She is a Christian, married to Jeff Mailu and together they have been blessed with 3 children: Joshua, Daniel & Chrystal.