Logan Banks
Assignment: Burundi
Tell us about your ministry assignment

As a Serge missionary on MedSend support, I am partnering with Hope Africa University in Burundi to work as a clinical professor at Kibuye Hope Hospital. As a full-scope family physician, I serve in many different areas of the hospital, including OB with C-sections, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and emergency medicine. While on rounds, I help encourage the medical students to evaluate the spiritual needs of the patients, including praying with patients, and consulting the hospital chaplains to provide pastoral support at times. I have also attended the medical student Bible study, and speak regularly at hospital devotions. My wife, Julie, also speaks regularly at the hospital, and has also spoken at a few different churches in the outlying community.

How many patients do you see in a week?

50-60 currently, but that varies depending on the service that I am on. When I cover OB that number could go up to 300.

Regarding MedSend...

We are so thankful to MedSend for the help that they have been to our family as we would have been significantly delayed getting to the field without their help in taking over our student loans. They have not only helped us financially, but they have provided opportunities for us.