Loraine Ekisa
Family Medicine Resident
Residency Location: Kenya
Home Country: Kenya
Tell us about your background

I was brought up in a Christian family, so I got to know about the Christian faith at an early stage. I got to make the decision to follow Christ at the age of 12 years during a Vocational Bible Study during the school holidays. I learned how to pray and study the word and have a personal relationship with Christ.

Christ has been the center of my life since I dedicated my life to Him. He has changed my perceptions about life. He has through his word corrected me, directed me and changed my heart. Christ has taught me what it means to love people sacrificially, how to give my time, resources, and energy to people joyfully. He has taught me to extend grace to those around me, and to let my life itself evangelize even more than words.

My relationship with Christ has taught me to commit all my plans to Him and to desire to be in His will for my life- in career, family, and ministry.

Where would you like to work?

I hope to serve the people living in South Rift Region, particularly the interior areas of the region. Many of them, especially women, don’t have good access to health care. The young girls get early pregnancies and drop out of school, while others try terminating the pregnancies which lead to even bigger complications. Cases of drunkenness are also rampant in the region. The place is fertile and good for farming, however, during seasons of harvest, the cases of people admitted with alcohol intoxication and trauma due to violence or road accidents due to drunkenness are too many since the men drink away the money earned. This is a big indicator of the spiritual condition of this region, particularly the interior regions. In as much as there are churches around and that the region is predominantly Christian, there is a need for more evangelism and
discipleship in the region.

In addition, many serious diagnoses are missed in the community and most patients are seen in the bigger hospital facilities with advanced disease, and this could be prevented by better access to healthcare and better health seeking behaviors.

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