Marc Carrigan
Assignment: Uganda
Tell us about your ministry assignment

I am currently serving in Bundibugyo, Uganda with Serge. I work in a government district hospital with Ugandan national healthcare workers. I also serve as a Sunday School leader in my local church where I work closely with and disciple a national Sunday School teacher.

The Lord is using my work at the hospital as I care for the needy. My interpreter and I share the gospel with the patients we treat on ward rounds and pray for them regularly. I also occasionally preach to a large group of patients when I do medical care. I am also sharing the gospel regularly and discipling a large group of children that I do Sunday School ministry with.

How many patients do you see in a week?


Regarding MedSend...

Medical School loan repayment through MedSend has been a vital step on my journey to serving as a medical missionary. With many years remaining to pay off my student loans, I was unable to leave for the mission field until my loan payments were accounted for. MedSend was able to share this need with their donors and secure loan repayment for me so that I could leave immediately to serve in a very needy part of Uganda.