August 12 - 19, 2023 | Orlando, Florida

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  • Location: Holiday Inn Express, Orlando Lake Nona 
  • Start Date: Saturday, August 12 
  • End Date: Saturday, August 19
  • Onsite Attendee Cost: Once you arrive at the hotel, MedSend will cover all expenses related to the MedRefresh Retreat. 
  • Registration Deadline: 
  • Dress Code: Casual
Our goal is to provide you a place of rest, an opportunity to create friendships, and a time to gather with like-minded individuals. We will address the professional and relational challenges you face and will also provide you and your children an opportunity to reflect and debrief with trained debriefers. We have a professional staff prepared to care for your children while you are participating in the conference in the mornings. Your children and teens will be brought back to join you for lunch each day, and you will have them in the afternoons unless you are participating in a reflective debriefing.
Please direct any questions to Randy via Signal at +1 630-926-6308.
  • Location: IC Hotels Santai Family Resort, KUNDU Mahallesi, YAŞAR SOBUTAY Bul. IC Sit. No: 430/1 AKSU/ANTALYA
  • Start Date: Saturday, April 22
  • End Date: Saturday, April 29
  • Onsite Attendee Cost: Once you arrive at the hotel, MedSend will be paying for your expenses related to MedRefresh
    Registration Deadline: March 22, 2023
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • What to Bring: Worship and if you play an instrument - We will gather at 10.45 a.m. on Sunday, April 23, for song. If you sing or play an instrument and would like to participate in the song leadership team, please contact Stan at
Please direct any questions to Randy via Signal at +1 630-926-6308.


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All group sessions will be in the >>>>>unless otherwise noted.

Hotel Information

Hotel arrangements will be made on your behalf.
Holiday Inn Express, Orlando Lake Nona
If you want to arrive earlier or stay later, make arrangements directly with 

Arrivals & Transportation


MedRefresh Retreat Staff


President & CEO: Rick brings an extensive background in business to his role. With a degree in finance and marketing, he spent 25 years as a corporate executive, where he was instrumental in the rapid growth and turn-around of several high-tech businesses. In addition, Rick served as Campus Leader in Stamford, Connecticut.

Dr. Jim, MD

Senior Vice President, The Longevity Project: Jim was an emergency medicine residency director when he developed an interest in medical ethics and the psychological aspects of trauma relating to physicians working in difficult and under-resourced environments. He later taught widely on the subject. Upon retiring, he moved to a hospital in rural Kenya, helping to start a family medicine residency. In 2021, Jim and his family moved from Kenya to Virginia, where he now oversees The Longevity Project.


Senior Vice President,  Development & Global Ambassador:  Randy works for his current organization that serves global workers. He has a passion to serve healthcare professionals and has helped many realize their dreams for over 2 decades. He has been with his current organization for 22 years. Randy now lives in Port Angeles, WA with his best friend and wife Beth as they offer hospitality and a place of respite for those in global service who are traveling in the Pacific Northwest.


Program Manager, The Longevity Project:  Kim served 26 years in the hotel industry in the US, UK and UAE, she retired early to begin her second career as a global worker in Haiti. After Haiti, she served at a counseling center in Pennsylvania addressing whole person healing of global workers. These combined experiences bring Kim to work on The Longevity Project, a two-phase, self-care model focusing on the unique needs of the healthcare workers.

Dr. Charlie, PhD, LP

Dr. Charlie is a licensed psychologist in North Carolina who serves with his wife Dr. Frauke as staff in an organization which exists to encourage and strengthen those in cross-cultural service and their families. He serves as part of the team that developed MedRetreats, which cares for the needs of global healthcare providers, and he provides counseling and teaching during these events. Charlie has lived in West Africa and served global workers there in addition to Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East. In addition to his ministry with his current organizations, Charlie has a private practice where he primarily works with people engaged in global service.

Dr. Frauke, MD

Dr. Frauke grew up in Germany, where she trained in family medicine prior to serving at a hospital in Nepal. After several years in Nepal, she had realized the stressors in cross-cultural environments and their effects on workers and so she decided to return to Germany and receive training in psychotherapy. She is married to Dr. Charlie, an American psychologist. Since 2006, she has worked in private psychiatry practice, and she is engaged in supporting global workers through telemedicine and through her involvement in several organizations, including the one that developed MedRetreat. Having been a global healthcare provider herself, she is passionate about contributing to the health and wellness of global workers, coming alongside them in their strengths and challenges.

Dr. Stan, MD, MPH

Dr. Stan and his wife Deb served in in healthcare in West Africa, working with their organization for the better part of two decades. His experience of burnout, recovery and return to international healthcare has given Stan a strong desire to help others learn the rhythms of work and rest that the greatest healer in history so perfectly modeled. As the Director of the MedTeam of his current organization, Stan enjoys frequent opportunities to teach about wellness to healthcare providers and other groups.

Dr. Barney, MD

Barney is a psychiatrist whose primary work is provision of care and consultation to members of the global worker community. He has interests in geriatric, consultation-liaison, and neuropsychiatry but has also had considerable experience in addressing the more personal and relational issues that are commonly encountered in cross-cultural work settings.

Scott, D. Min, LCSW

Scott is a licensed counselor who began serving with his wife Lisa in 1997 in West Africa. In 2010 they moved to Asia where Scott became the director of a counseling center before their eventual return to the US. They have a deep love for global servants and the difficult work that they do in many very tough areas of the world. They strongly believe in preventative care and some of their focus areas are on transition, marriage, team building, and spiritual strength.

Children’s Program Director: Kristin, BA

Kristin spent 16 years serving in her local assembly in full-time service to children. She has led many teams on short-term service trips around the world. Kristin has also worked with local communities to recruit and support foster families, and she is passionate about supporting kids who have been impacted by trauma and adversity. Kristin’s years of service experience have given her a clear understanding of both the joys and challenges of serving. It is Kristin’s desire to welcome the children who come to her current organization’s campus and help them experience a sense of joy, peace, and healing.

Child and Adolescent Counselor: Melissa, LCPC, RPT

Melissa is a licensed therapist who specializes in kids and teens and who has completed her training at the graduate level. She is the child of global workers who served in England, Ukraine, and Austria. She loves supporting children of global workers through all the ups and downs of their unique lives. She soon plans to relocate overseas to work with children through a counseling organization.

Early Childhood Coordinator: Elise

Elise holds a B.A. in Youth Service. She believes that her passions, her heart for service, her desire to work with children, and her personal family history of hurt while serving all make her current organization the perfect fit for her. Elise loves seeing our maker through the eyes of a child. The way children love him so freely reminds her why he calls us to come to him like little children.

Kids / Teens Programs

  • We will have an experienced child and adolescent counselor with us, who is well versed in concerns global workers encounter. If you are interested in addressing any specific concerns in this area, you will be able to address them in the upcoming survey. For any additional information you may contact Melissa at
  • Your afternoons will be open for the most part, prepare for that open space with your family. The counseling/debriefing sessions will be scheduled during this time as will childcare during your specific sessions.
  • We would like parents to complete this form for each of their children. This information is highly helpful to our Children's Program team in providing quality care for the kids. Below is the link to the Child Profile Form. Parents, please complete this form for each child, in advance of the event, so that we can prepare to care well for your kids.  Please take a moment to read the 2023 Antalya Children's Program Orientation Packet-Final to familiarize yourself with the program! 


There will be two reflection/debriefing sessions hosted by professional debriefers from Alongside, Barnabas and MedSend.  Pastoral Care, Spiritual Direction and Child Counselor  will also be available. 
What will the reflection/debriefing look like?
  • Every couple or single will receive two sessions during the retreat.
  • The first reflective session will be about your work experience in your environment, the highlights and challenges with an opportunity to process your challenges, especially those that still affect you in some way.
  • The second reflection/debriefing time can be used to go deeper in any area addressed during the first time, or to reflect on how the topics of the seminars play out in your life, and what you may personally need or want going forward.
  • We will send out a link with a brief survey to understand more about your hopes and needs for the debriefing (adults and child debriefing), pastoral care, and spiritual direction, when the time comes closer.
  • Here is a link to Google Drive that will contain helpful retreat materials.  

Free Day


Choose from three Tour Options Randy has organized for the group on the Free Day!