MedSend National Scholar Dr. Loraine Ekisa Saves a Life

Loraine Idionyi Ekisa

Dr. Loraine Ekisa is a family physician and National Scholar at AIC Litein Mission Hospital in Kenya. Recently we spoke with Dr. Ekisa, and she told us how important it has been for her training to learn from physicians visiting from the United States. She shared that she has learned “the essence of dedication and service to God’s people. I learnt humility and giving both time, knowledge and resources to my peers and colleagues; to the patients I serve and even to those above me.”  

One specific visiting physician had a particular influence on her career in a practical way:
“[W]e had a visiting Family Physician from the US who greatly impacted both my life and the teaching hospital,” she began. “He blessed our hospital with different equipment—monitors, essential drugs, and defibrillators…which the hospital did not have the capacity to acquire.”  

Not only did this physician provide equipment and medicine their patients desperately needed, but Dr. Ekisa goes on to explain that “he also ensured that he poured out his knowledge to us and taught me many times on the use of some of these machines which were essential to saving lives. After the first day of his departure from our hospital I encountered a patient who needed me to use some of the essential drugs and required an electrical cardioversion for her heart condition, this time in the absence of my teacher and mentor. Because of the acquired knowledge and resources, I was able to do these procedures for the first time in the absence of my teacher and the patient lived.”  

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