“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” – Matthew 28:19


God is doing a new work among the nations. And we at MedSend are thrilled to be part of it!    

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Global Healthcare Needs

For 25 years, MedSend has empowered Christian healthcare professionals from the U.S. to serve where God has called them by removing the obstacle of educational debt.

We believe God is now calling MedSend to build on this success by enabling the service of a whole new group of Christian healthcare missionaries. These citizens of developing countries are called to serve people in need in their own countries through healthcare ministry – but they need MedSend’s help to fund their healthcare training.

MedSend Nationals is a groundbreaking program that is helping national believers obtain the advanced medical training and Christian mentoring they need to serve people who are poor and underserved in their home countries. MedSend Nationals is a powerful tool in reaching the nations with much-needed healthcare, as well as the good news and compassion of Jesus Christ.

A New Era in Global Healthcare Missions
The need for Christian healthcare professionals, especially highly trained doctors and nurses, throughout the developing world is staggering. According to the World Health Organization, 57 countries are at a crisis point, with fewer than 2.3 nurses, doctors and midwives for every 1,000 people – too few to deliver even the most basic level of care. Persecution of Christians is also increasing in many of these same regions and, as it does, more countries are restricting access for Christian missionaries and evangelists from North America.

In response to these challenges, many MedSend international grant recipients provide healthcare professional training for national believers where they serve. Training nationals lets them multiply their efforts with the potential to reach millions. It is especially vital in areas that may close to North American Christian workers because ministry can continue under the leadership of trained national believers. Unfortunately, many Christian nationals in developing countries who feel called to serve in healthcare ministry cannot afford to pay for the healthcare training, especially at the professional residency level that is required for surgeons and other medical specialists.

That’s where MedSend Nationals comes in. MedSend Nationals is now a program that sponsors the advanced medical training of Christian national physicians in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. To do this we partner with International Associates – organizations with established in-country Christ-centered medical residency programs that provide professional training, spiritual development and leadership preparation for those who have already graduated from medical school. The International Associates recruit, train and oversee men and women who possess the requisite intellectual ability, a deep and abiding faith in Jesus Christ and desire to share it, and the moral character and spiritual commitment to serve in areas of great need in their own countries. All MedSend International Associates are U.S.-based organizations that provide a high degree of verification and accountability. Please consider partnering with us by supporting this exciting new program. We believe that God is using MedSend Nationals as part of His plan to reach all nations with His healing and love.

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