MedSend to the World: Michelle Kiprop on Going Sooner and Staying Longer

Students at Hope Africa

Michelle Kiprop is a Family Nurse Practitioner serving in Kenya. Hear firsthand how support from MedSend has made it possible for her to go to the mission field sooner and has helped make her work sustainable for the long-term.

Transcript available below the video.


“I’m serving with Hope Matters International and we are located in the western Highlands of Kenya in East Africa. I started visiting Africa when I was 15 and really felt at that time that God was calling me into a career in medical missions.
When my husband and I were engaged we started a conversation with MedSend about heading out to Kenya to serve and how their involvement was able to empower me to go quicker because I had this mountain of student debt that would have inhibited me from getting out right away. My journey to medical missions, I learned about MedSend and how they partner with helping get people to the field quickly. And that was really my goal: to get to the field right out of school. 
I have encountered other friends that felt like they were passionate about missions right out of school and then as they settle into life and work and the passion kind of diminishes over time but having MedSend funding my student loans has been huge in helping me get to the field quickly. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for that huge loan that seemed so insurmountable at the time that I graduated. 
One of the challenges that I have really struggled with is just some of the desperate situations we encounter and how discouraging that can be. One of the things that I have personally experienced that MedSend does to help promote sustainability is really walking with their missionaries. And even this year we were given a full mental health kind of assessment to say How can we be there to walk with you? How can we support you? And it’s a conversation I have had repeatedly through my time with MedSend. How are you doing spiritually? How are you doing mentally do you feel supported? Do you feel like you have a network around you? What can we do to help bridge some of those gaps if there are gaps? And I think that’s huge.
I have been able to see lives that are being impact and that is probably what is exciting to me is seeing how MedSend has grown from being a small organization sending a few people, to now engaging not only with western missionaries going out, but also engaging with nationals around the world and just kind of multiplying those efforts. And so I’m excited to see where MedSend is headed. I would love for the world to know that MedSend is making a difference. They are making an impact not just at a local level but an impact that is being multiplied.”

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