Meet a MedSend National Scholar: Loraine Ekisa

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The month of February brings us in the Western world to a season of reflection on the concept of love. At MedSend, our thoughts turn toward what this concept means in the context of global healthcare missions.  

Scripture tells us we love because he first loved us (1 John 4:19). Ideally, we use the love we receive from Jesus to love others in ways that bring hope to our friends and neighbors and create pathways to the deep healing and wholeness we receive from our Savior.  

MedSend National Scholar Loraine Ekisa loves Jesus in this way and allows this love to influence the way she lives and the choices she’s made to serve as a physician.  

Living for Christ since childhood

After growing up in a Christian family and deciding to follow Jesus during a Vacation Bible School program at the age of 12, Dr. Ekisa shares that Christ has been a central focus of her life ever since. “He (Christ) has changed my perceptions about life. He has, through his word, corrected me, directed me, and changed my heart. Christ taught me what it means to love people sacrificially, how to give my time, resources, and energy to people joyfully. He has taught me to extend grace to those around me and to let my life itself evangelize even more than words.”  

Living for Christ after graduation

After graduating from the MedSend National Scholars program, Dr. Ekisa feels God calling her to serve people living in the interior areas of Kenya’s South Rift Region. It is a beautiful region, with fertile farmland and gorgeous landscapes. However, the surface-level views hide realities that point to the need for the loving care Dr. Ekisa will provide.  

Quality healthcare in the South Rift Region is lacking, particularly for young girls and women. Dr. Ekisa sees the high rates of teenage pregnancy, school dropout rates, and prevalence of alcohol abuse in this area as an indicator of the need for both physical and spiritual healthcare. She prayerfully anticipates using her skills as a physician, evangelist, and disciple-maker in this area as she seeks opportunities to lovingly provide care and inspire hope through her work.  

Supporting Dr. Ekisa together

Will you join us this week in praying for God’s love to continue to flow in and through Dr. Ekisa? And ask that he continues to help her grow in love as she simultaneously grows in knowledge? Let our prayers extend our love for her and the work God is calling her to do, as we ask God to love and heal our broken and hurting world.

The MedSend National Scholars program provides resources and support for local physicians to receive advanced medical training in their home countries. Your support for this program helps MedSend enable more healthcare professionals like Dr. Ekisa provide compassionate care in their communities. Click here to make a donation and help us continue expanding this important program.  

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