Meet a MedSend National Scholar: Dr. Sheila Sisela

Dr. Shiela Sisela

During the month of March, we’re featuring several MedSend Grant Recipients and National Scholars working in family practice medicine. 

Scripture tells us “let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9). As followers of Christ, it’s up to each of us to work in ways that allow us to continue in our callings over the long run.  

Meet MedSend National Scholar Sheila Sisela

Dr. Shiela Sisela

Dr. Sheila Sisela recognizes that God has gifted her to serve her communities through a career dedicated to caring for families 

Dr. Sisela’s sense of call started early. She shared with MedSend that her family says that she wanted to become a doctor “since she was a baby.” A difficult childhood experience with a broken arm led her to a surgeon who treated her with compassion and kindness. She says that her first memories of a calling from God to medicine come from that time. Since then, she feels she been “strengthened along the way by the doors God has opened and the encounters He has chosen to let (her) have.”

Sharing the love of Jesus after Residency

Currently, Dr. Sisela is focusing on her studies at Kabarak University in Kenya and growing in her faith. After residency, she desires to minister in a context that resembles the early Christian church as described in Acts. 

“I would like to serve in a semi-urban area,” she says. “Where we can spur one another up, actively engage in discipleship and mentorship. I would like this as I feel gifted with the ministry of discipleship.”

Developing a framework for Christian medical care 

Dr. Sisela grounds her work in a framework of grace.

She tells us, “As I have walked with the Lord, I have come to appreciate His love and assurance. I am saved because the grace of God has kept me. I have learned to seek His will before any step – that has meant that many a time, I write my plans on the sand and be sensitive to His leading.”

Pray with us

Will you join us this week in praying for God’s grace to continue to flow in and through Dr. Sisela? And ask that God continues to help her grow in Christian discipleship as she simultaneously grows in medical knowledge? Let our prayers extend our love for Dr. Sisela and the work God is calling her to do, as we ask God to love and heal our broken and hurting world. 

The MedSend National Scholars program provides resources and support for local physicians to receive advanced medical training in their home countries, enhancing the reach and effectiveness of our commitment to Christian global healthcare missions. Your support for this program helps MedSend enable more healthcare professionals like Dr. Sisela to provide compassionate care in their communities. Click here to make a donation and help us continue expanding this important program.  

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