Meet Kacie Forrest


Kacie Forrest is a MedSend supported NICU Nurse, serving in rural Uganda at Bundibugyo General Hospital:

“My family and I live in Bundibugyo, Uganda. I work at the local government hospital, Bundibugyo General Hospital. A fairly new NICU was built there in the last 5 years and that is where I work now.

I see the Lord using me with the families I work with in the NICU. I enter into the NICU with the heart to serve Christ, and truly premature babies in rural Uganda qualify as ‘the least of these.’ They lack so much of what they need, and their lives truly are hanging in the balance amidst a very broken system. I can’t change the daily realities me and my Ugandan coworkers are faced with, but I believe there is value in living and working incarnationally as Christ did. It pushes me into a deeper walk with the Lord, and I hope I shine that light and bring a little more of Christ’s love into this place.

When I see a mother who is in desperate need with no support system, I step in to care for her whatever she may need. I also pray with the patients and their families.

I would not be able to be living and serving in rural Uganda without the support from MedSend. I am so incredibly grateful for the people who feel moved to donate their money so that I can be salt and light here, however imperfectly I do it! I know that God is accomplishing His purposes here, and I am honored to get to be a part of that and not have school debt be holding us back. So, THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.”

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