Meet National Scholar, Dr. Noel Ndayisenge


Noel Ndayisenge is a MedSend National Scholar from Burundi. He is a 5th year resident at SIM Galmi Hospital in Niger. Dr. Ndayisenge is grateful for the MedSend scholarship that makes it possible for him to receive training.
“I am coming from Burundi, one of the most under­ served areas in the world in terms of surgical care. My home province Muyinga is one of the most under­ served areas in the country, counting more than a million of population without one single surgeon to take care of them. This touched my heart deeply and prompted me to apply to the training program with the perspective to go back and help this under­ served area where no other surgeon wants to go.
My family and I want to express our gratitude for the support that the MedSend organization has generously invested in my training. In fact, because of your support I am pursuing a high quality surgical training which enables me to mature into a well skilled surgeon along with a good discipleship program that enables me to grow stronger spiritually and reach out to those who don’t know yet the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Medsend has deeply impacted my life and totally transformed my understanding of medical and surgical care delivery. I came to understand that the patient who comes to me needs a holistic care that involves both a compassionate physical care along with a spiritual care through the Love of Jesus Christ.
My desire is to go back to serve in Burundi and extend those riches that I been equipped with to the community that I will be called to serve. My intention is to deliver a compassionate surgical and spiritual care and therefore make more disciples of Christ.”
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