Meet the Medical Missionaries: Unnamed Heroes


MedSend staff regularly receive stories from medical missionaries in the field. Stories of healing miracles, of the bright light of the Gospel shining forth in darkness, of disciples of Jesus bringing the Great Commission to life as they “go out and make disciples.” 

We wish we could share them with you. But, all too often, we can’t 


Withholding these stories and our healthcare heroes’ names helps keep them safe from the powers and principalities of this age who seek opportunities to punish or persecute God’s faithful servants. Protecting identities allows grant recipients to continue providing essential healthcare services and saving lives. Lives that may be transformed by gentle touches and kind words.  

We can’t tell their stories in detail. 

We’re unable to share their names. 

We’ll hold back their pictures and won’t show you where they live. 

So what can we say?  

We can say that every single MedSend grant recipient serving in the field is uniquely qualified and gifted.  

We can tell you that these men and women have been called by God to serve in dangerous and scary environments and they have responded to this call with the kind of courage and fortitude that bring MedSend staff members to tears on a regular basis.  

We can share that our unnamed heroes treat diseases and help heal bodies in all kinds of circumstances. Physicians treat infections without antibiotics. Surgeons creatively devise surgical techniques with tools available. Nurses bring hope to hurting communities with smiles on their faces. Missionaries persevere through seasons of doubt and loneliness and help their families do the same. When called back to the United States for sabbaticals or home stays, many long to return to the kinds of environments many of us will never dream of entering.  

Join us and help support more great unnamed stories.   

MedSend does the work we do to make the work of our grant recipients and national scholars possible. Whether we can share their stories, names, and pictures or not, we stand in solidarity and prayer with the work these caring and compassionate professionals do and work passionately to ensure they remain able to serve as long as God calls them to do so. We invite you to join us in this work.  

Remember our unnamed heroes in your prayers. While we may not be able to share their stories with you, God knows every minute detail of the lives and work of every single MedSend grant recipient in the field. Join us in asking him to meet every need, encourage every heart, and strengthen every back for every task at hand.  

Help MedSend’s unnamed heroes bring compassionate, Christian healthcare to communities around the world in need of healthcare workers. Make a tax-deductible donation to MedSend today.  

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Healthcare remains the only form of access as a Christian witness in many countries.

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