Meghan Murphy Steen
Specialty: OB/GYN
Location: Kenya
Call to Missions

Since my first mission trip, I was hooked. I enjoyed the challenge of a new culture, a new place, a new challenge. I went into medicine to better access people who need to hear the gospel. Doctors are often allowed when and where other missionaries are not. And in a place where the gospel is heard, it is important to expand the depth of God in the heart of His people so that they have the means to spread the gospel themselves creating an exponential ministry. I've never felt called to have a medical practice in the US. I've always felt my skillset in teaching surgery and working with less was meant for a different setting. I once saw a map showing the size of a continent based on the population of doctors/medical staff per capita. Africa was represented by this tiny strip of land. So many go without treatment to the point that this contributes to a fatalistic world view. I felt called to give hope in these places so that they could look to the God I know who is kind and merciful.

Healthcare Mission Work

Tenwek is a mission hospital that is very invested in the teaching model. I very much believe that I can multiply my efforts and the people reached by training Kenyans instead of me going there to be the doctor. Kenyans will connect with their brothers and sisters better than I can even with the most intense language and cultural training. Providing a medical education for one Kenyan who becomes a teacher will then teach others and they will teach more. This multiplies your efforts to bring good, Christian healthcare to the continent. Tenwek serves rural Kenya, especially the Kipsegese. Due to it's resources, it also serves as a referral center and major site for training and teaching. The most exciting part of my medical work will be starting the first OB/GYN Residency Program founded under PAACS (Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons) in all of Africa. This is a major step in establishing medically competent, Christian doctors to the country. These doctors, like the other PAACS graduates, would also be committed to serving in underserved areas with a goal of expanding to other countries with this model. Through the new OB/GYN residency, we hope to train up women's health doctors who can lead Kenyan women to follow Christ. As the mother goes, often her children follow. The spiritual curriculum written by PAACS is very helpful in making sure the medical education and spiritual education are equally weighted.

Anticipated Impact
  1. Train medically competent, Christian physicians and multiply my efforts to provide whole care for Kenyans.
  2. Expand this pilot model to other African countries to replicate these efforts
  3. To have a faithful, positive impact while living in community with the Tenwek family and fellowship of other families who serve.