Michael Orenge
Family Medicine Resident
Residency Location: Kenya
Home Country: Kenya
Tell us about your background

My motivation in life has also been changed by Jesus. Most doctors are out for the quick buck, and subsequently, end up doing quite harmful things to the patients (e.g. unnecessary tests, medications or surgical operations.., and denying care to people who are unable to pay huge deposits). This is further illustrated that in the last Doctors’ strikes: I continued working even as people laid down their tools.

I hope to emulate my mentor (Dr. Moses) by doing full time Christian ministry and full time physician work. As a specialist with more flexibility on my duties and time, I will serve Kahawa Baptist Church once more as a mentor, church elder, cheerful giver. This is influenced by knowledge of Christ and my walk with Christ, I would have instead been seeking to go out and make a quick buck immediately after graduation.

Where would you like to work?

I intend to work preferably in a rural or resource-limited setting in Africa and indeed across the developing world as a Christian Family Physician. I would also engage in evangelism, Christian mentorship, operational and resource mobilization. I intend to learn French to have a wider reach.
I would like to not just be based in the hospital but spend at least 40% of my time in the villages, factories, markets (community approach). I would like to be a Doctor of first instance for people coming with various surgical and medical emergencies to provide timely and effective lifesaving interventions. I would like to also be a Hygiene and Sanitation community mobilizer.
Through the local church, I would serve in the community in evangelism, bible study, fellowship, and mentorship. I would seek to put in hospital prayer sessions before any ward round or surgical operation. I would not work in a place where I would be separated from my nuclear family for more than a 3-month continuous period.

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