Missionary Boot Camp

Students at Hope Africa

Audio available online 

“Missionary Boot Camp” helps healthcare missionaries prepare 

“If God has called you to be a healthcare missionary, you’ll experience one of the most satisfying – and challenging – careers in the world,” says MedSend president Rick Allen. “You’ll be a warrior for God in what may often be difficult circumstances and like any soldier, you’ll need a time of preparation – what the military refers to as ‘boot camp.'”

“Missionary Boot Camp” is the audio recording of a popular breakout session Rick led at the 2014 Global Missions Health Conference. Rick shares how to develop a practical plan of action that will help you prepare emotionally, spiritually and financially for the spiritual battle ahead. Topics include: spiritual disciplines like prayer and financial stewardship; the role of sending agencies and how to find one; and how to identify where you will serve.

To listen to the audio recording from this year’s session, click HERE. For more information about preparing for Christian healthcare missionary service, click HERE.


Healthcare remains the only form of access as a Christian witness in many countries.

Your gift helps activate the movement of God's people to the field. Will you join us in ensuring that eager Christ-following health professionals are able to serve the Lord through global healthcare missions.