Happy Mother’s Day to Superhero Missionary Moms

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Mother’s Day is on the horizon, and we’re set to celebrate all that mothers do. Mothers are known for the many hats that they wear; many easily qualify for the title of “SuperMom.” I know mine sure does.

Today, I want to tell you about some superhero Moms who are serving on the mission field.

Dr. Jesse Bustinza, Pediatrician in Mexico

Dr. Jessee Bustinza is a pediatrician, healthcare missionary, and mom.

Jessee could have worked as a pediatrician anywhere, but God called her to serve with her husband (a surgeon) in a tribal area of Mexico. They live in an area where indigenous people still live in caves, and the infant mortality rate is as high as 50% before a child’s fifth birthday. Grocery shopping for their family of four is a five-hour drive. Local people travel for 12 hours on foot to their hospital, Hospital Misíon Tarahumara, so they can receive medical care.

The Bustinza’s moved their family to Mexico in 2018 to provide medical care and share the message of hope found in Christ.

Since then, they have seen many lives changed through the child malnutrition program, medical outreach ministry, and distribution of MP3 players with recorded Bible materials.

Jessee also has all the responsibilities of a mom for her two daughters on top of caring for the never-ending needs of the people they serve.

Recently their youngest daughter had a medical problem that needed attention beyond what was available to them in an under-resourced country.  They evacuated to the US for care and evaluation. They are past this now and back in Mexico.

Jessee says this about the experience: “Receiving medical care for our daughter is a powerful reminder of why we’re serving as missionary doctors in Mexico. When you’re a parent in desperate need of help for your child, accessing quality medical care for your loved one makes all the difference.”

Jessee and her husband Willy are expecting baby number three this October.

Jessee and Willy Bustinza serve with Christian Health Service Corps based in Fruitvale, TX. You can follow their blog stories at Bustinzas Beyond Borders.

Krichele Jeffcoach, Physician Assistant in Ethiopia

On the other side of the world in the African country of Ethiopia is Krichele Jeffcoach.

Krichele is a physician assistant who serves alongside her husband David, a surgeon, at Soddo Christian Hospital. She is also a mom to three children.

Krichele travels to some of the poorest regions around the hospital, where they serve the poorest of the poor. Medical care is almost nonexistent for most. Malnutrition is the leading cause of death for many children, and it is common for parents not to even name their children until they reach a certain age, fearing they will die.

Together with her team, Krichele travels to these areas and provides medical care. If patients need hospitalization, they will receive transportation to the hospital in Soddo. Most of the local people cannot afford the $1.25 it would cost them to catch a bus to the hospital.

Not only is Krichele providing desperately needed healthcare to the local folks, but she is also a mom and the primary educator for her three children. On a recent trip back to the US, she indicated that she was carrying five backpacks full of curriculum back to Ethiopia so she can teach her children. She is raising her children in an area where there are routine issues with water and electricity. Political unrest and war zones are something they live with.

When you ask Krichele why she does this, she will tell you that God challenged her to consider their service in light of eternity. She says there is nothing that would keep her from doing what God has called her to do.

Now that’s a superhero mom.


Superhero moms Jessee and Krichele are both supported by MedSend, a 501c3 ministry that provides funding to quickly mobilize and sustain US healthcare professionals who are serving on the mission field in over 70 countries. Learn more about MedSend or donate now to support healthcare missionaries like Jessee and Krichele. 

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