Florence Muindi, MD, MPH

Dr. Florence Muindi is the Founder President and CEO of Life in Abundance (LIA)International. She oversees the work in 12 countries in Africa, 2 in the Caribbean. She also oversees the support offices in the US, UK and Europe. Dr Florence is considered a thought leader in transformational community development work. A medical doctor specialized in public health by training who has pioneered LIA’s transformational development model. Since the beginning, Dr Florence has played an integral role in not only establishing a proven model and track record for LIA, but also in laying the foundation for implementation throughout Africa and the majority world. She and her family have been cross cultural missionaries for 25 years, initially serving among the Maasai in Kenya then among the leprosy affected in Ethiopia before expanding the work internationally. She is a wife to Dr. Festus Muindi, mother, author and an ordained minister. She regularly speaks publicly about community development through the local church, empowerment of the vulnerable, sustainable transformation and Christian missions.