Nancy Lane*
Assignment: Southeast Asia
Tell us about your ministry assignment

I am the director of a program operated through an organization that serves the a vulnerable population of people in Southeast Asia. Decades of civil war have driven this people group into poverty and isolation to the extreme. The organization seeks to train the young people of this group  as Physician Assistants and Engineers in our 5 and 2 year training programs (PA and Engineer respectively) , equipping these young people to then go back to their own rural villages and serve their people.  While these students are with us for 5 years (or two) we have the opportunity to disciple, build relationship, and honor God and share his love through our teaching nd everyday interaction with them. We pray that Gods love and word will be spread in this way as we also seek to share his love by caring for the physical needs of these people.

How many patients do you see in a week?

We have 12 students in the year one program. 10 of these students are Physician Assistant students. 2 are engineering students. The Physician Assistant students are learning English, as well as studying medical math, medical terminology, and the sciences. I help to teach and tutor these classes. My main role, however, is the director of the first of the 5-year Physician Assistant training program.

I also spend time each week at a nearby Medical School, assisting with the Residents learning English.

Regarding MedSend...

[MedSend] has contributed significantly to our budget by covering our loan costs, allowing increased freedom to be working without the burden of financial worries.