National Scholar Becomes Chief Resident


Dr.S, a National Scholar and family medicine resident at Mercy Medical Center in Cambodia, is a rare fourth-generation Christ follower in his country. He speaks five languages. His supervisors say he is “one of the most academically gifted residents we have ever had and is extremely compassionate and gentle with his patients.”  


Growing up in a minority Christian culture

From a young age, Dr. S had the chance to experience both Christianity and Buddhism. “On Sunday, I would usually go to church with my grandma. And occasionally, I would go to pagoda with my mom,” he told us. “So, I got to experience both.” 

It wasn’t until medical school that Dr. S made the decision to follow Christ. “Life happened, and there was a voice in my heart telling me that church always welcomes you. So, I started to go back to church more frequently, and I truly accepted Christ as my savior,” he says. 


Reaching the next generation

Excitingly, Dr. S has a passionate desire to teach those coming after him. Upon graduating, he became chief resident of the incoming class. He hopes that becoming chief resident and having the opportunity to teach in the program will open the door to sharing the gospel with students.  

“Not so many medical students are Christian [in Cambodia]. Each year we include new residents, about four per year, but we still have very few [Christian] candidates applying. So, through my academic way of approaching this, I hope that we can start small with a small group, and then we can start to share personally after we get to know them.” 

Ultimately, using this strategy, Dr. S hopes that “through this we come to learn to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.” 

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