National Scholar Dr. Hansen Chidi Otuneme Answers the Call

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When Hansen Chidi Otuneme was 11 years old, his brother was hit by a vehicle and died. The boy needed surgery, but there were no surgeons at the hospital available to help. Today, Otuneme is a MedSend National Scholar and Nigerian surgical resident in the Galmi residency program committed to becoming a desperately needed surgeon in Nigeria, giving patients compassionate care in the name of Christ. Here he shares one recent story of how he is fulfilling that call: 

“About five patients came in with severe burn injuries and the hospital was full. But seeing these patients, seeing the percentage of burn they had, one would tend to think ‘yes, they will not survive’ and send them away. But the love of Christ and the compassion that has been trained with could not let me send these patients away. So, I admitted them, while I didn’t have hope that they were going to survive…We started care on these patients and surprisingly not all of them died, even the one I thought would die, didn’t! And because of that act, the patient was able to hear the word of God in the hospital and give his life to Christ. He’s still living with 50 percent burn today… bless God for that!” 

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