National Scholar Trains 2000 Healthcare Workers to Share Their Faith


Dr. J* is the first National Scholar graduate on the Asian continent. He and his wife are from a closed, atheist country where sharing your Christian faith is illegal. And yet, in the 10 years since he graduated from the Christ-centered family medicine program made possible by his MedSend grant, he has trained over 2,000 of his Christian healthcare colleagues in Asia to share their faith while practicing ethical, compassionate healthcare.  

“There’s a big transformation [in my country]. [Christian doctors] didn’t understand how to relate [their] work with the gospel,” he tells us. Dr. J’s training gives these Christian doctors the tools they need to feel empowered using the saline method, a program designed to bring whole person care in a Christian context to patients and witness good news in a closed country. 


The Saline Process

Dr. J says the training events also provide a way for the doctors to not feel so alone as Christians in a culture where religious gatherings are illegal. “They are used to being undercover,” he explains. “Now, after the training, [they say] ‘let’s do things for the Kingdom’ and they are organized together.”  


How Dr. J Shares His Faith with Patients

Dr. J and his wife have worked in many places and organizations to reach as many with the Gospel as possible, including an elderly home where he became fast friends with a 103-year-old patient.  

One day, when Dr. J passed her room, she seemed to be struggling. She looked scared, so he entered her room to start a conversation. 

“I know I’m dying,” she told him. 

“Do you know where you are going?” he asked.  

“Yes, I can tell. Over there,” she said, pointing to a far corner of the little room. “There’s a big darkness. And very far away, there’s a little bright place. There’s no way for me to go there, but I want to.”  

“I know somebody who can take you there,” Dr. J replied, and then he closed the door to her room to protect them from the watchful eyes and ears of coworkers ready to turn in anyone heard sharing the Christian Gospel, and he told her the story of Jesus. Right there, huddled in that little room, she was saved.  

“After two weeks, I went back to the senior home, and she was gone,” he tells us. “So, it really was her last chance. Praise God; we will see her one day.”  


MedSend Donors Extend the Gospel to the World

Dr. J believes it’s a privilege to be raised as a Christian in the United States. He says God has chosen people here to prepare His way to the other part of the world. He believes there is hope in the darkness. Hope for the 103-year-old woman who had never heard of Jesus and was saved.  

“Jesus is our God, and we can trust him,” he says. “We’re so happy that MedSend is part of this spiritual battle. There will be many other national workers, supported by MedSend, to be the one and only Christian in others’ lives all over the world. We thank you very, very much.” 

MedSend’s National Scholars Program is growing faster than we ever dreamed, but we need your support. We are confident that with your financial support, we can double the size and impact of the program in just a few short years. Will you help these national doctors save thousands of additional lives and offer hope in the name of Jesus?


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