National Scholar Becomes a Physician Who Cares for the Soul


“Because of you, someone will be born again. Because of you, better healthcare will be delivered to a very poor person and respect and dignity will be given back to that patient in that rural place. Because you provided and you sent me to school.” 

–Dr. Belyse Arakaza, MedSend National Scholar 


Dr. Belyse Arakaza, born and raised in Burundi, just completed her family medicine training at Kabarak University in Kenya. She and her husband would never have been able to provide for their family while also paying for her advanced training. Training she tells us changed how she practices medicine.  

“I realized that God’s burden in the hospital is to show kindness to that patient, to share Christ with that patient who doesn’t know if they might die in that bed. Or they might go home and impact the family and salvation enters that family that way. I don’t think I would have understood all that if I wasn’t in this program, if I wasn’t supported by MedSend,” she says. “I have become a physician who is able to care for that patient who is sick but also care for their soul and their spirit. And because of this training, I am able to guide and mentor the next generation of physicians to be a holistic physician.” 

We’re grateful for all who help us fulfill our vision to financially support incredible National Scholars like Dr. Belyse Arakaza and expand the MedSend National Scholars program!



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