National Scholars Called to the Mission Field

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The MedSend National Scholars program is experiencing a profound shift as these doctors graduate from their training in Christian-based programs. They are feeling called to the mission field right in their home countries as they see the desperation for quality, accessible care–practiced with compassion and a holistic, spiritual focus—through new eyes. MedSend National Scholar Dr. Mourine Melenia is the latest example of this Kingdom-focused trend.  

Dr. Melenia is a Kenyan who, after medical school, volunteered with a Christian organization in a rural area of her home country. The ministry struggled to deal with the overwhelming need with only one other physician, a nurse who visited once a week, and a poorly stocked dispensary.  

“No one else was willing to work there because of harsh living conditions and maybe poor pay,” she says. “I was touched by the burden of disease in that area, but no access to healthcare. I was told stories of women dying in childbirth because nothing could be done. Most conditions could not be managed there, and referral was near to impossible. We just did what we could and prayed for them.”  

Dr. Melenia felt God’s direction in this demanding situation. “He confirmed that He had called me to ministry and that my career was just a tool,” she recalls. “My desire and prayer is that God will lead me to a group of people most in need of my medical skills and that I will still have an opportunity to reach out to them with the gospel.”  



Through her MedSend funding, Dr. Melenia was able to train in Family Medicine at TenWek Hospital under grant recipient Dr. Stephanie Onguka. See the below video to learn what is next for Dr. Melenia as she continues to follow the call to be on mission.  



The care these doctors provide doesn’t just heal the body here on earth, but it can and does heal the soul for eternity through the gospel of Jesus Christ! Will you give the Gift of Hope this Christmas?


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