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Why Should Christians Prioritize Reaching Muslims?

By Rick Allen / September 25, 2020 /

Muslims are “one of the most-discussed, least-understood people groups in our contemporary world,” says Alex Kochman in his article “5 Motives for Muslim Ministry.“ Reverend Doug Christgau, MedSend Global Ambassador and author of today’s Blog Post, believes that they deserve priority in evangelistic and church planting efforts. In today’s Guest Post, he explains why:   …

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Christian Healthcare Providers During a Pandemic: “We Draw Near”

By Rick Allen / September 16, 2020 /

What is the role of Christian healthcare providers during a global pandemic? Reverend Dr. Stephen Ko, Senior Pastor of New York Chinese Alliance Church, recently spoke at the MedSend / CMDA Global Healthcare Missions Leadership Summit. During his opening devotional, he shared his answer to this question. “We Draw Near” During this current crisis –…

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Meet the Medical Missionary: Dr. Priscila Cummings

By Rick Allen / September 11, 2020 /

Dr. Priscila Cummings is a MedSend grant recipient and medical missionary serving at the Kalukembe IESA Mission Hospital in Angola. For Priscila, an OB/GYN, the year has been like no other. The rainy season this spring in Angola was the heaviest in thirty years. With it came a malaria epidemic of over 4700 cases and…

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Meet the Medical Missionary: Dr. Meg Hixson

By Emily Sperow / September 4, 2020 /

Dr. Meg Hixson is a pediatrician and MedSend grant recipient who has been serving in Tanzania, Africa. Currently, she is back in the United States and was able to spend time chatting with MedSend. We had the privilege of hosting her during August’s “Meet the Grant Recipients” webinar. We hope you will enjoy getting to…

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ICMDA Offers COVID-19 Preparedness Training

By Rick Allen / September 1, 2020 /
Visualization Of The Covid-19 Virus (Corona)

The International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA) has partnered with the Christian Medical College (CMC) in Vellore, India to provide COVID-19 preparedness training. The organizations have collaborated to provide a Training of Trainers (ToT) course. Master Trainers in church and mission hospitals in Africa and Asia can take the course online. A new ToT…

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Meet the Medical Missionary: Dr. Geoffrey from West Africa

By Emily Sperow / August 28, 2020 /
clinic hut in west africa

During our August “Meet the Grant Recipients” monthly webinar, MedSend had the privilege of interviewing medical missionary “Geoffrey M.” Geoffrey is a MedSend grant recipient who has been serving in West Africa since 2019. He and his wife Nicole came back to the United States several months ago to deliver their fourth child. Now they…

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“I’m Home!” Missionary Returns to Burundi

By Rick Allen / August 26, 2020 /

“I’m home!” MedSend received the joyous email from pediatrician Alyssa Pfister after arriving back “home” in Burundi on Monday. After a four month delay in her return to Kibuye Hope Hospital, Alyssa is finally back and ready to serve. Her journey back to Burundi was not an easy one. It included a surprise two-week quarantine…

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CMDA Helps Provide Personal Pandemic Support for Medical Missionaries

By Rick Allen / August 25, 2020 /
Asian doctor in protective hazmat PPE suit wearing medical latex gloves

Greg Seager is the CEO of Christian Health Services Corps, a mission organization that specializes in sending and supporting healthcare professionals as long-term missionaries. In his role, he has undertaken the responsibility of learning as much as possible about effectively caring for the caregivers on the mission field. In his article, Why Do Medical Missionaries…

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Funding the Ministry: What I’ve Learned

By Rick Allen / August 20, 2020 /

Why are we so often uncomfortable talking about money as it relates to Christian ministry? I think that it is probably because the conversation is often handled poorly, with inappropriate tactics. Using guilt (“Give, or God’s gonna git ya! “)  as a motivator can (and should) be a big turn-off.  Yet, the topic of money…

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MedSend Will Exhibit at Virtual 2020 GMHC

By Rick Allen / August 14, 2020 /

MedSend will participate in the 2020 Global Missions Health Conference ( GMHC 2020), being held virtually on November 13-14. The conference marks its 25th anniversary this year. The GMHC exists to help mobilize people into healthcare missions. The two-day event will include a virtual exhibit hall, plenery sessions, and breakout sessions. Conference attendees will receive…

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