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Ministry Assignment

In my work I have the opportunity to meet young local men and women. Over the course of a year, I get to disciple two to three of our students. I have been mainly working on the curriculum for the first year of our program. The full program is a five-year training education. I work as the Science teacher for the first year of the program. I teach Chemistry, Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology.




Regarding MedSend

The MedSend grant has helped make it possible for me to answer God's call to serve the local people in this area. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my student loans are being taken care of. The higher education that I sought after is not a burden to me and my family financially. Instead of staying in America to get the highest earning job so I can pay off my student loans, I can live here and do what God has created me to do. My passion for teaching and helping those in need are being fulfilled as God has made MedSend a true gift and blessing to me.