Daniel O'Neill, MD

Dr. O’Neill received his BA from Hope College, and MD from StonyBrook University Health Science Center in New York. He did his Family Medicine Residency training in Pensacola, FL and studied tropical medicine in Puerto Rico. He practices whole-person Family Medicine in Connecticut and is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. With a master’s degree in theological and biblical studies from Bethel Seminary, he has researched and written on an applied global theology of health. He has served as interim physician at Hospital Vozandes Del Oriente in Ecuador, Medical Director of Medical Ministry International, and on multiple health and development projects among impoverished and displaced populations in Latin America, West Africa, North India, and the Middle East. He is a founding board member of Health for All Nations and the founder and Managing Editor ofChristian Journal for Global Health and is co-facilitator of the Evidence Working Group of the Moral and Spiritual Imperative, convened by the World Bank. He is co-editor of the new book,  All Creation Groans: Toward a Theology of Disease and Global Health (Pickwick, 2021).