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Jessica Pavlick

Dr. Jessica Pavlick has a PsyD in Clinical Psychology from The George Washington University. She is a licensed psychologist in D.C. and Virginia. Prior to graduate school, Jessica worked in consulting on various projects related to improving the effectiveness of individuals and teams in the workplace. She serves as part of the Alongside MedTeam, which cares for the needs of global healthcare providers, and she provides counseling and teaching during the Alongside MedRetreat. Jessica has served on multiple short-term medical mission trips in Eburru, Kenya to support David’s Hope ministry. While on these trips, Jessica desired to use her counseling skills in a more direct way, which led her to caring for missionary health through Alongside. She has been a volunteer psychological consultant to the Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF). She continues to learn how to integrate Christian faith and psychology to better serve God’s people. Jessica has a private practice where she works with high-functioning adults struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma and adjustment concerns. Jessica loves learning about the connection between our hearts, minds, and bodies and how a deeper knowing brings us into closer connection with our Creator.