Peter Ronald
Orthopedic Surgery Resident
Residency Location: Kenya
Home Country: Uganda
Tell us about your background

I was born into a Christian family and grew up attending bible study both at home and at my local church. I however did not see the need to give my life to Christ at the time. It was at the age of 10 on September 3rd 2000 at a bible study class at church that I decided to make the stand and accept Christ as my personal Lord and savior.

I have gone through lots of growing since then in my Christian walk, and despite numerous testings of my faith, my confession has kept me anchored to Christ. I am grateful to God for His wonderful gift of salvation. I personally believe it's the best decision I ever made and I do not regret it.

Christ has taught me to love others and be considerate to them and has helped me speak to other people in my circle about Him they can also come to know Him. In my practice of medicine, my relationship with Christ Jesus leads me not to look mainly at the financial reward of my career but to treat patients as if I were the sick one.

I yearn that my patients will receive the most humane care I can give them not only in the management of whatever condition they present with, but also that they will feel the warmth and love that Christ has put into my heart for them. I take time to pray for them on certain days at the end of my working day, during calls, and also take time sometimes to pray with and share God's message with them.

Being a Christian doctor also helps me work better with my colleagues. I am able to have timely consults for better management of patients under me, to assist other doctors with their workload, and to seek out thriving Christian doctor fellowships to which I can be part of for growth.

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