Philip Habegger
Nurse Practitioner
Specialty: Family Medicine
Location: Tennessee
Call to Missions

I want to take my light to the darkest possible places. I have been privileged much in my life being born in a great location, great family with faith and wealth, and have been given many opportunities. I see this not a burden or a source of shame, but an opportunity and responsibility to take what I have been given and give it back. I want to use my skills and resources to build God's Kingdom where it is least established. This is a life long pursuit, but I expect it will take many different shapes and forms in the future. Right now I have been placed in Memphis and given a great opportunity to give to the underserved in an American Urban setting. I have for a long time looked forward to the opportunity of life overseas and work cross-culturally in medically underserved and spiritually unreached areas, should God allow. This is my dream, but I will, of course, follow where God has set my path.

Healthcare Mission Work

I will be serving at Christ Community Health Services (CCHS), a faith-based health clinic in Memphis, TN which serves the underserved in Memphis, which includes uninsured, underinsured, and marginalized in our city.

Anticipated Impact
  1. Serve as Christ has called us to do.
  2. Preach the message of his gospel.
  3. Improve health equity in Memphis.