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Mark Powell

Mark grew up in St. Croix, VI and Puerto Rico before moving to Tennessee where he completed his Master’s in Counseling from Middle Tennessee State University. He and his wife, Susan, are parents to three adult children, all of whom grew up overseas. He especially enjoys time with family either sharing a home-cooked meal and time around the table or being a part of what they most enjoy.

As a counselor, Mark’s therapeutic style is inquisitive, compassionate, reflective and collaborative. Mark is especially passionate about helping couples in chronic conflict and crisis get unstuck. He is sensitive to power differentials in work team and family dynamics. He uses a trauma-informed lens to guide individuals through the process of learning to tell the truth about who they are and how to navigate life's difficulties. He brings a well-rounded perspective into the therapy practice that integrates the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of a person’s life. His work is grounded in feelings work as well as psycho-social theories.

Mark helps people connect to their stories, understand how they’ve made sense of themselves and their world, and confront what might be getting in their way to a more intimate life with others. He believes healing happens by risking greater intimacy and living confessionally with self and others.

Mark also accompanies others through times of confusion and darkness, as well as, times of consolation. This might involve listening as one communicates their experiences for the purpose of awakening to the mystery within. This practice is one way that we enrich our experience as we encounter the one who longs for intimacy and relationship with us.

When Mark isn't working with individuals or couples, he can be found on his road bike pedalling on secluded and open roads. Mark also loves to cook, sketch and watercolour.