Practical Help and Spiritual Hope

Students at Hope Africa

Photo taken by Troy in South Sudan

In the front row of the training sat five Toposa men from the region of Narmopus, a little village that stares at a huge plateau where cattle are grazed in the dry season. It is remote, even for South Sudan, and when it rains vehicles can’t move because of the mud. 

The only time MedSend Grant Recipient Troy Sammons, DVT had been to Narmopus was on a survey trip years ago.  It was the last place he visited during that trip and the first South Sudan village to really stick in his heart, he says.   

After that trip, Troy was so enamored with the little village that he suggested to his wife that they should move there. She pointed out that because Narmopus was made up of a large tree with a central well and no buildings, maybe that was not practical for their family of 6.  

Instead, in God’s faithfulness to the people of that region, He moved Mark, a Kenyan missionary friend of Troy’s, to a nearby area. Mark’s team of national disciples have reached out far and wide into the Toposa area.   


Practical Needs, Spiritual Impact

This year for the discipleship training that Mark’s team puts on, five men came from Narmopus. They represent two churches that have been established.  The leaders were coming for fellowship, Bible teaching, and short vocational trainings. 

This is where Troy’s veterinary work comes into the picture.   

Cows are the livelihood of the Toposa, and entering new communities that are hostile to the Gospel can be challenging.  Equipping disciples with an understanding of basic disease and proper treatment options for the livestock gives them a platform to advocate for the community as they advocate for Christ.   

This is the third year Troy’s team has offered veterinary training to the disciples of the region. It has continued to provide them with helpful skills that benefit the communities.

Troy says the most beautiful part of the trip was seeing how God is working among the Toposa; the road he drove before was void of life in Christ but now has small churches and an active local witness for the Gospel.     


MedSend, Your Path to Global Impact 

When spiritual hope is offered alongside practical help, trust and integrity grow. This powerful combination of care is what our grant recipients bring to hard-to-reach communities in places like South Sudan. Your financial support makes life-changing impact possible through their work. 

Through MedSend, you fund medical professionals who serve across the globe, creating a lasting impact that will be felt for generations to come. Will you make a lasting impact with your gift today? 



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