“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

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Please pray with us!


As healthcare professionals, MedSend grant recipients are dedicated to improving and saving lives, yet many have to deal with the pain of losing patients who might have been saved if more resources were available.

Pray for Ecuador.  As you pray for the people affected by the earthquake in Ecuador, please consider the following reports and requests from MedSend healthcare professionals serving there.

From Joe Martin, MD, a MedSend physician serving in Ecuador:

Four of us will leave early tomorrow morning for the earthquake area.  We will have an orthopedic surgeon.  We will also have an emergency room physician and a couple of us Family Practice docs.

We will start at a functioning hospital that is receiving patients from the more severely stricken areas.  From there we hope to explore south more towards the epicenter to find out if there are facilities and infrastructure where we can send teams and also expect to touch base with a local pastor in one of the hard hit areas who hopes he can direct us to areas that haven’t been reached yet.

Please pray for safety as there are reports of vehicles being stopped and robbed … especially if they are carrying provisions like food and water.  We will be carrying all medical equipment and trust, first of all, we will just get through fine… and if not try and make the argument that the stuff we carry isn’t good to eat! 

Please pray for stamina and wisdom and tender hands and hearts as we work with the docs that are already there.  We want this to be a chance to lift up the name of Jesus by how we act, work and speak.   After we return from this brief (4-5 day) exploratory trip, we will start forming the next team as soon as we have some information as to how we can help in this ongoing tragedy.   

The reported death toll today has risen to over 500.

From MedSend alumna Dr. Jane Weaver, a surgeon who directs a clinic in Ecuador.

We are in San Lorenzo.  The earthquake shook us around, but we are not part of the areas most affected.  The whole town lost power when the earthquake struck, and we were without electricity most of the night.  This morning we do have power again.  There were reports of a possible Tsunami last night, and they were evacuating people from San Lorenzo in buses.  We have stayed in San Lorenzo.  There are at least 41 dead in the country.  There has been a lot of structural damage – in Pedernales, Manta, Santo Domingo, Quito, Guayaquil and more.  People died in buildings that collapsed, cars (a car was crushed by an overpass that collapsed).  People in Pedernales are sleeping outside of their houses in the streets.  Please pray for Damarys’ [administrative director of the clinic] family.  Her mother is from one of the most affected areas. Thank you for praying. As always, your prayers are invaluable!


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