Praying Through the Pandemic


As followers of Christ, we know that prayer is one of the most powerful weapons we can use in the face of adversity.

Prayer requests have been pouring in from all areas in which MedSend grant recipients serve. We are diligently compiling the prayer requests of our MedSend grant recipients who are on the front lines for COVID-19 around the world.

Will you join us in praying with and for them?

From Southeast Asia:

  • Pray for an end to the spread of the COVID-19 virus all throughout the world
  • Pray that many people come to Him during this pandemic, that this time of uncertainty would cause many to question and seek answers from Him, including Muslims in Southeast Asia
  • Pray for protection for our family from the virus, as well as from spiritual attacks
  • Pray for brothers and sisters everywhere (ourselves included) to proclaim and faithfully live out the Gospel and point others to Him

From the Middle East:

  • Pray that we would shine and others would see– and glorify– the Father… since we have decided to stay
  • Pray that we would pray more, with earnest hearts, gearing us up for the part He wants us to play
  • Pray that our minds are filled with thoughts that are right and noble and good—those things that build up, and don’t tear down
  • Praise the Lord for allowing this pandemic, and the ensuing panic/fear/uncertainty, since it enhances the contrast between the world and the light of Jesus in us

From Latin America:

  • Please pray for wisdom as we decide how to serve our patients without adding to the risk of spreading this virus! Our clinic does not have access to the protective gear needed to currently provide care while keeping ourselves and our patients safe
  • Please be praying for the vulnerable populations in Guatemala
  • Pray for the health care providers in Bolivia, who are caring for the positive patients or patients who are suspicious for the virus
  • Pray for the families of the people who are positive that they would be protected
  • Pray for Bolivia’s government officials as they attempt to make wise choices to care for the country
  • Please pray for the missionaries who are struggling with what ministry looks like right now. Pray that God would give them creativity and wisdom
  • Pray also for those who are concerned about their own families in their home countries. Due to the borders being closed we know that we would be unable to travel if a family member were critically ill, and this is a major concern for many
  • Pray for the many families who will financially be affected, who usually depend on what they make day-to-day to survive
  • Pray that God would protect us from getting sick, that He would help us as we tend to those who need immediate care, that we would be wise in our interactions with patients, and that God would be glorified above all else

Will you join us in praying with and for them?


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