Rachel McLaughlin
Assignment: Burundi
Tell us about your ministry assignment

I am a Serge missionary and OB-GYN working in Burundi, the poorest and hungriest nation on earth.  I care for pregnant women and women with GYN problems, healing them in Jesus' name and restoring them to health in a picture of God's love and redemption.  Also, our team trains and disciples around 100 medical students a year to provide excellent, compassionate care to their fellow citizens and brothers and sisters in Christ.  I believe that a demonstration of Jesus' love by meeting peoples' physical needs.

How many patients do you see in a week?

Round on 80-100 pts/week; surgery on 10-15 pts/week; ultrasounds and consults for 50-60/wk

Regarding MedSend...

Med Send paying back my loans has enabled me to live and work in an extremely needy and desperate context. Burundi is arguably the poorest, hungriest country in the world. Women have on average 6 pregnancies in their lives, so I stay busy as an OB-GYN! I can serve these women without worrying about making enough money to pay back my loans.