Restoring Sight in Honduras


Imagine how powerful it is when healthcare missionaries can bring scripture to life for their patients as they are used by God to restore health, relieve pain, and even bring sight to the blind. That is the impact our grant recipients and National Scholars can bring to low-resource communities. 

Dr. Valerie Colby, a MedSend Alumni and optometrist who has served in Honduras for 22 years wants to say “a big thank you to everyone who supported back then and continues support MedSend now. Without your help, I would not have been able to do it.” 

“I’m still in the mission field, still serving so strong,” she tells us. “I have taught two local Honduran medical practitioners Optometry because there are no optometrists in Honduras. They are working with me and alongside me, and when I’m not there, they’re continuing optometry work. It’s such a great blessing that I can share that experience and my knowledge with local doctors.” 


Advancing the gospel 

Valerie says people in Honduras need Jesus and the gospel just like we do here in the US. “Their hearts are open to hear, especially if they’re having difficulties with their eyes,” she explains. She often prays with her patients and talks about how God is the one who gives sight, even if glasses can’t.  

“There was a little boy that came in, he was about nine,” she shares.  “He had been cutting wood and he had a giant splinter go into his eye. His iris prolapsed out of the inside of his eye.” 

Dr. Colby was sure the boy would lose his vision. She sent him to the public hospital and didn’t hear any updates for three weeks. Eventually the grandmother came back to the clinic and said that the boy was doing great!  

“I thought, there is no way this could be and told her to have him come back in,” she admits. The grandmother brough him back to see her, and lo and behold, he had arrived at the hospital with enough time to save his eye. 

“He was seeing 20/20 out of it. It was amazing. It was just totally amazing. And we were able to bring God into it. God knew what He was doing when this happened. He was right there with that little boy.” 


Transforming national healthcare systems 

We are grateful for current and former grant recipients like Valerie who dedicate their lives to extending God’s hope through healthcare.  We are grateful for their impact not only on their patients, but on local doctors who receive training and experience to become the next generation of leaders in their countries, all of which would not be possible without your financial support. 

Will you join us in our commitment to extending the love of Christ around the world through compassionate healthcare? 



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