Specialty: General Practice
Location: North Africa/Western Asia
*name withheld for security reasons
Tell us about your ministry assignment

My husband and I are part of the church planting and medical team.At the hospital, we work along side the following national doctors: 1 PACCS trained surgeon, 2 OB/gyns, and 4 generalist, and a good handful of mid level providers.

I want to strategically position myself to be a bridge between the medical team and the church planting team with a heavier emphasis on community outreach. My role will be to leverage the respect and trust that is gained through the compassionate, loving care provided by our hospital team and take it to the next level by following pre-selected patients back to their village. These will be selected patients who may need some additional outpatient follow-up care (seizure patients, sickle cell patients, stroke patients, etc;) that we identify as individuals who come from the area being targeted by our church planting team. The goal is to leverage the trust and relationships built within the hospital wall to be a springboard from which we can develop community health teachings/programs but more importantly, church planting initiatives.

How many patients do you see in a week?

10 - 15: it varies. I get involved with more complicated patients, and do more extensive holistic care. So I see fewer patients. Also, I allocate a fairly reasonable amount of my time to be involved in education and strategic village outreach.

Regarding MedSend...

Medsend has played a vital role in enabling me to serve God in missions by taking the burden of paying my medical school debt off my shoulders. This is one aspect of our monthly expenses that we do not have to fundraise for. Huge blessing.