Help Save the Life of a Child by Donating to MedSend this #GivingTuesday

baby girls after 98 days

A pregnant woman came into the emergency room. Her baby wasn’t moving, and she was afraid something was wrong with her unborn child… 


The Need Is Great

“Burundi is one of the poorest countries in Africa. It’s one of the poorest countries in the world,” grant recipient Dr. Eli Horn begins. Dr. Horn trains nationals in the Family Medicine Residency program at a network of hospitals in Kenya, and he is excited to tell us the story of an amazing MedSend National Scholar, Dr. Alita Iradukunda.  “Alita came to us from Burundi. Their medical education system is struggling and had not set her up for success. I was privileged to arrive at [Chogoria Hospital] to watch her grow in the process” he says. 

After two years of working hard in the family medicine training center, one night Alita was on call when that pregnant woman came into the hospital. Alita evaluated the patient and saw that the baby’s heart rate was too low. She quickly moved to do an emergency C-section saving the baby’s life.

Alita, of course, knew what to do–found what to do and made it happen. [She got] this mom back to the OR, and within 90 seconds had the baby out.  And praise God, the baby was breathing, and the rest of the C section went well. That’s not something that she was capable of doing [before our program]. And that’s not something that a lot of people in Burundi are capable of doing–of identifying that and saving that baby’s life,” Dr. Horn shares, full of admiration for Alita’s growth and skill. 


Lives Are Saved

Infant mortality rates among the world’s least developed countries can range from 1 out of every 20 babies to almost 1 out of every 10. In comparison, here in the United States our rate is approximately 1 out of every 200 babies born. In countries where infant mortality is high, it can often be attributed to one or more of the following factors: poverty, malaria, malnutrition, undeveloped infrastructure, and inadequate health care.  

Without the training led by MedSend grant recipients in Kenya, this baby wouldn’t have
survived. And countless other lives will be saved when Alita returns to Burundi with specialized clinical training. Your gift to MedSend makes it possible for medical professionals like Dr. Eli Horn to teach National Scholars like Alita in family medicine. 

Will you stand with us in our mission to bring quality, compassionate healthcare to those that need it most? Don’t miss this rare opportunity to double the impact of your gift through a generous $25,000 Matching Challenge provided by one of our faithful donors!  

Help save the life of a child by donating to MedSend this #GivingTuesday

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